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"I want to thank you...for a truly excellent evening. It was a pleasure to hear your music, stories, and banter. My friends had a wonderful time and greatly appreciated as well the well-crafted tunes, instrumentals, and vocals....Top notch stuff! "
- Joshua Daniels, Eugene, Oregon

You can arrange for CAUGHT RED HANDED to perform a show in your own living room. Or choose an outdoor patio, basement, community center or church hall. Invite 15- 50 friends, family and neighbors and we will perform a 90-minute show just for them.

House concerts are intimate, music-listening affairs, not merely a party with a live band. All attention is directed to the performers during the show just like at any concert you might attend in a theater.

Watch this video
for more informatrion on House Concerts.

House Concert hosts may ask guests to donate $10-20 each to the performing artist (in this case, CAUGHT RED HANDED). Sometimes we ask for help with accomodations (a spare bedroom, an RV, a hotel, etc.) A meal or two is great, too.

For more information and open dates, please contact us at
541-404-3465 or email us

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